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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

EatFiend @ H.O.B.-Cannibal Corpse + Video

Saw that Cannibal Corpse was playing at House of Blues in dtSD.
Not a chance in hell I was gonna miss this one. None of my pussy-ass friends wanted to go with me to see the #1 selling death metal band of all time, so I took it upon myself to shred a show drunken-solo style.

I can honestly remember being so infatuated with this scene. I watched this at 11 years old at the old Village Theatre in Coronado with the bubs Weasel and Erik. I remember seeing the environment and wanting to be there. Who was this? How did his voice get so deep? What the hell were these heavy riffs? Where can I find a mosh pit like that?!?!
 22 years later my metal-dreams were being answered!
$22.50 + tax and fees for a total of $30! Pumped up and ready I had the wife drop me off. While waiting in line, tickets were being sold at $65. Hefty price, should have bought it a week earlier like I did.
 I missed the first band ( Abysmal Dawn), but showed up just in time for the first song of the secnd act. "Cryptopia" was their name and they shredded.
 The lead singer had the longest head of hair I'd ever seen and head-banged like none other.
 They had a rad stage presence. Constantly instigating metal-heads to fuck each other up in the pit.
I'm a fan. They killed it. 
 Later on I was buying a shirt and overheard positive conversation in regards to Cryptopia.
Here's a clip of Cryptopia I filmed with my Flip camera.
 Minutes later, Obituary took the stage. The crowd and pit both got heavier as I got drunker.
 This band was so rad. They had an excellent cultish following. Fans were screaming the lyrics and the lead singer was letting them also sing some of the chorus'. 
A most metal experience!

They opened up with a heavy jam!
 As the beers were consumed, I gravitated towards the pit. I was indeed in need to mosh.
 Still managed to take a few more pictures a bit closer.
 This band fucking killed! Time to mosh!

For those of you not in the know of who Obituary is..... enjoy!
 Then it was the waiting game for the most evil of them all.
 I was completely hypnotized.

I also managed to capture the first couple of opening songs they played before heading back to the pit. Couldn't really tell ya the name of the songs. The drums just had me in a cave man like trance. Ready to slaughter with my club.
 Some serious head banging was going down at this point.

 I think this shot was zoomed in. My IPhone isn't the best...
More mayhem!
 George Fisher had the stage presence of Nathan Explosin, the lead singer of Dethclok.
 Horns were up everywhere.
 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand more head banging. I wonder if this dudes neck hurts afterwards.

 Fucking awesome.
 Then I figured it was a good time for a different angle.
 Not that it matters, but apparently the drummer is a vegan. I find that hilarious.
 More head banging.
 After a bit of moshing I retreated to the rear bar for a breather and a beer.
This pit was definitely kicking my ass.
 Lots of shirts with colorful messages on them!
 Then it was back to the pit for a few more pics.
 Probably the heaviest pit and show I've ever been to.
 Fucking hyped I didn't pass up on the experience.

 Then it was off to home. My ears were ringing and I was drenched in sweat. My Uber app. wasn't working so it was time for the old shoe leather express to kick in! Straight up Park blvd. I was Gillys bound to meet up with Donald Gately.
 I was beaten and tired and wound up catching the bus half way. I was so relieved. 
Best metal experience ever!


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