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Friday, March 25, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Shredding The Crispy Fried Chicken

Life's a big beautiful shiny red curb!
Get out and grind it, slam on it, I don't give a shit. 
Go eat a pizza for all I give a care.
Random weird plates I saw in a restaurant.
The sloth was my favorite.
This place nailed it besides it being super hip and over priced.
Quality time with this guy.
Morning bird shit.
  Morning donuts. Breakfast of champions.
I'm super addicted to Halo's.
Memo park. I love this place.
New deck!
 Took a nice ride down a hill just one block from my house. Going fast is the best.
Big ass tri-tip for dinner.
Lather that bad boy up in bbq sauce.
 Burn the flames.
Evil Igby.
Crunchy on the outside, bloody on the inside.
This shit went so fast. So darn good.

Art department hard at work.
Shitty shit.
Gonna paint the ramp sooner or later.
More magazines I took to the Look Back Library. All of these covers get me so hyped!
All hail!
Steve Olson. Just before his clothes got super baggy.
Shimizu. The most stylish person on a board ever! Except Gonz and Cardie, of course.
On the left was my first issue of Skateboarder. It was really hard to part with these.
 Every magazine that you could ever want or need.
Fresh board! Hyped on the new grip too!

In case anyone was wondering what Stu Graham has been up to since the CSFU video.
Jalapeno cream cheese bagel.
Sunset at the FAE.
Shred it.
Then eat it. This place is ghetto, but man it is good!
 Deep fried fucking goodness!
How I feel every fucking day.
 The bub Stewart, working on his pops Jeep.
 Crazee Burger, I love you.
Oh yea, I fucking love pizza too!


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