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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Pizza Time, Gluttony To The Max, Foot Problems and FAE Time

URBN pizza.
They go hand in hand.
Shredding the FAE.
DTSD from the bridge.
Left over URBN pizza.
Job site with a view.
Homemade burgers and fries.
Went spot scouting in Balboa Park. Before that rail was there, Pat Duffy 360 flipped nose blunted that mini hubba. Sick as shit!
Bridge over the 5 freeway.
ItWasTheLight with a check slide. This thing can get ya goin' real fast.
Back at the FAE, this time with some hot wings.
Nado park locals.
In N Out date with the wife.
Bowl. Sri-racha style.
Preparing dinner for the wife.
I've been dealing with some harsh athletes foot issues lately.
Kitty here.
Kitty here.
Ode to Shockus.
Cherry Bomb bathroom.
Late night parting with Igby.
One of those days.
It sucked.
You know what doesn't suck? Carnitas Snack Shack, that's what. The steak sandwich is the fucking shit.
Post work therapy.
Soaking the feet in hydrogen peroxide, it's gotten that bad.
Took a walk past old skate spots I grew up shredding.


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