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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend X Yosemite Part 1

LadyLarb, ItWasTheLight, Bre and 
I all took a trip up north for some camping action up in Yosemite!
Scroll down to see the good times!
Saw this muddy truck and was hyped. Oakhurst.
Drove through this long tunnel and came upon this beautiful view.
We had arrived!
After shooting the above video, my phone ran outta memory. So I switched to my GoPro. I was hyped to have the opportunity to take some photos with it.
Here is our campsite. See those metal boxes? Those are bear lockers to protect our food.
Went on a quick hike before the sun had set. Some waterfall not too far away.
Then darkness had descended upon us.
Shortly after, we had to retreat to a tent we had setup to keep our gear dry. At this point it was raining on the outside.
And we were partying in a 6 man tent!
Party on Wayne.
The next morning the whole place was blanketed in snow and I was mildly hung over.
That'll happen.
Breakfast station outta the back of the van.
Took a walk with LadyLarb.
Took in some beautiful sights.
Scouted bridges that needed to be drank under.
The trees were beautiful but they limited our sun exposure.
Beautiful sights every which way one turns.
Frigid running waters. Icebergs on top of mountains melting.
Back at camp we had a bunch of Ravens scavenging for food.
Big herds of clouds would float by. It was cool. Literally.
Little tree among giants.
Fist night watching the firefall.
Clearly the GoPro isn't really the type of camera you would you take scenic shots with, but I was just hyped to actually see the firefall in the pic. Soooooooo pretty!
We were having a great time!

Continued in part 2.


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