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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Baked Ziti, DrunkMike, Jimmy Carlin For Friendship Skates and Shredding Down Memory Lane

Keep yer mind sharp with a belly full of food, the spots won't find themselves. You gotta get outta the kitchen and into them streets!
Making some baked ziti tonight. My first time ever! Green bell pepper and onion are mandatory!
And two pounds of ground spicy sausage of course!
A whole pound goes a long way.
After a layer of cheese and veggies, I was concerned there wouldn't be enough room for the meat. Oh hells no! Can't let that happen! Always room for meat!
After the meat went on another layer of ground sausage.
Baked to perfection. We had left overs for days!
Van Vugt drunk as shit during poker.
The world famous WhiskeySlimeMike.
With his broke ass sun glasses.
He couldn't be happier with his ba-ba in hand.
Too cool for the rest of us.
Good for you Jimmy!
This got me so psyched.
She's been sitting on a lawn in the ally for years. Wish I had money to throw away on a project like this.
Instead, I throw away my money on pizza parties.
Bored at work fucking with photos.
Angry ass Igby.
Such a fucking ogre.
Open my car door to shred the FAE and what do I see at my feet?...
Oakes met up with us for the session!
Super Bowl party. Broncos vs. Panthers. This was the only picture I took this day. Got pretty lit!
These are awesome. Find them at your local Trader Joe's.
Mission Valley Costco has some spots!
I was hungover getting my tires changed. Of course I had some pizza and a mocha. Of course I slappy'd the shit outta some curbs while I waited.
I was psyched to create some curb dust. Skating is the shit.
Found myself taking a drive down memory lane and wound up at Montgomery Middle school.
Shredded the shit every weekend when I was a kid. I wanna go back to fuck around on it for old time sake. Never boardslid a rail with skate stoppers before.
I'm looking forward to it.

Skate and Destroy


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