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Monday, March 7, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Yosemite Trip Part 2

After a brief battle with hypothermia, we we're heading back for some more camping action!
Yep, after night two, I awoke with a crazy fever. In the middle of the night I foolishly kicked off my boots, socks and pants. Thus welcoming hypothermia. I had an intense fever, my equilibrium was out of wack and spent the majority of day three barfing.
 Then LadyLarb and I retreated to a nearby town called Oakhurst where I curled up in a warm Best Western hotel room and ate pizza 'til the next day. No photos were documented. 

Back on the road. Another Tunnel View experience.
 After a hot shower, we were good to go! Made our way back down into the valley and stopped for some sight seeing along the way.
 Straight to making breakfast back at camp.

 Bacon quesadilla, fuck yea!!!

 A perfect camping breakfast.
 More Ravens.
 Spacious skies.

 Nature makes me feel tiny.
More beautiful scenery.
Followed with more hiking. After wussing out, I was determined to make up for lost time.
On to the Mist Trail.
"You are here"
These two troopers stayed up all night shooting time lapse and constellations. I feel like we missed out on a stellar night.
I was equipped with my thermal this time around.
Oh yea, at this point my phone started working again and was able to take IPhone pics.
More breath taking site seeing.
The mountains will swallow you up.
We running out of breath due to the 5,000 foot elevation.
Yet we pushed on.
Victory beers once we were done.
Carried these bad boys all the way up top. Well earned.
Bottoms up!
Taking it all in.
These two were loving it.
Rest and relaxation.
Getting artsy.
Sweet ramp to ramp channel ollie. Skateboarding is always on my mind.
Beautiful mountains.
Next time we will take on more challenging hikes. Preferably during the summer.
Streams and rivers everywhere.
Nothing was holding this guy back. No excuses.
It was our last day and I think it was the last day of the firefall. There were filmers and photographers everywhere.
Gnarly equipment and setups.
Then Bre and I found a bear skull. We found a pile of bones and fur and the skull wasn't too far away.

The find of a lifetime! We were hyped. Then it was given to ItWasTheLight. Happy birthday bub!
Chemical trails.
Wider shot.
The moment was drawing near.
ItWasTheLight was covering the event with two cameras.
I was lurking.
The ladies held down the spot.
Tried to get the firefall to pour into my beer. Minimal success.
More spectators showed up. This lady had a bottle of wine.
Then I found some dried up bear shit.
As the moments passed the water fall appeared more illuminated.
Zoomed in to the max.
Zoomed out. Ahh the power of the IPhone. Still light years better than my old Droid.
Then it turned gold and photographers throughout the forest were screaming beyond hyped!
Sure was a hyper nerdy experience that I'm sure a lot of photographers have wet dreams about.
I too was having fun taking pictures.

Fucking crazy. Never thought I would experience something like this. 
Get out and get some!
Nature, the most HD channel of them all. Drink it in.
He was hyped.
The next morning, on our way out.
This thing was bad ass. One last view of "Tunnel "View".
Stopped and got a burrito after an 8 hour drive. It was worth it.
We had a most excellent time!



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