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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Birthdays, Sushi and Drunk Bowling

Welcome back everybody! Things got pretty heated up on a Saturday back in February.
Skating is so fucking fun, I don't want to miss a single bit.
 Met up with Big Johnny for his birthday under the bridge.
The new Terror logo is sick. Wish I could find there boards.
Big John turned 33 on this day!
 Carlos with a savage frontside grind. No warming up around here. Just straight to double truck grinds.
 John's wife holding down the grill.
 I partied with a couple of hot dogs and brats.
 Tunes were blasting and people were shredding!
 Hadn't had on of these in years. 
Happy birthday Big John! 
 Later on, it was off to a sushi bar in Hillcrest with LadyLarb.
It was BeerBonginBrockmans birthday.
 Larue was holding it down!
 Beers and sushi rolls were being slammed down.
 Can't remember any of the weird names they had for their rolls.
 Lots of pretty colors though!
 Did I mention it was "All You Can Eat"?
 Small party, good people, good times.
 More beer.
 Heart eyes for Chris Larue.
 Post dinner smoke.
 Then it was off to a bar in a bowling alley in Chula Vista.
 Cosmic bowling!
 And of course, a fuck load of beer.
 I came prepared.
 Shoulda' bought a white Russian.
 Self portrait.
 WormTits and VeronaKitty were there too!
 My new kick!
 These are pretty darn good.


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