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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- RFTC on Halloween and Garage Sale Goodies & Later Old Man Cave

Life can throw curve balls at you from time to time.....
......Adapt or suffer.
Bobs Burgers!

  Stinky in his baseball fury costume.
  Ooooooooo, scarrrry.
  The girls getting down on a piece of sushi.
   They ripped. The venue on the other hand gave me anxiety.
Low ceiling.
Props to WormTits for keeping his costume on the entire evening.
Took it with me.
Donated to the Look Back Library.
Thanks Mark for buying some cool stuff!
Chop chop!
UCSD. The rail is gone I think.
Party lights.
The whole bunch!
Alfonso Rawls at Carlsbad gap.
Hook Ups
The Boss!
All kinds of rad wall goodies.
I Love Lucy!
Give a damn!

Poor BAM.
Iron Maiden and Spawn.
  Lots of toys for sale. I kept my Tick dvd's. Love that show.
You wanted the best? Well we couldn't get the best....
I left this behind.
This board was given to me by a parent at the skatepark. It had a crappy collage on it and I peeled off layers of pictures glued tot he deck to uncover a Blockhead Skateboard!

Jim Gray!
Big ass Circa banner.
Loved Jamie Thomas wen I was a kid. These posters were all over my walls!
Rare shirts.
Sipping on some homemade honey meade!
Zarosh Eggleston came buy to dig thru the goods. Psyched to see him!

Really want to go to this one year.
The wife cam to take my wad!
The No Hans ramp went off to a good home.  
Sauced bird.
Special guest of the evening!
  One last poker party in the garage.
 One last half time beer can chicken that slow cooked for about two and a half hours.
Everyone was hype on it.
Especially Truman!
Big money!  
  Pink belly!
 Then two tables dwindled down to one. I didn't make the final table. My luck has been terrible lately. 
  Pat vs. DonaldGately. These bitches decided to split the pot and call it a night.
Waaaaaaahhhh, I'm tired!
Party hard everyone. I left this poster behind. Kinda like a calling card.
  One last self portrait of the wife and I behind our third home together.
It's been a fun adventure so far.
Unloading boxes life.
CommanderNBeef, I NEED YOUR HELP!


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