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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Mission Valley Shredding with the Lurkers

Met up with the bubs Larue, Cobb and BK for some shredding.
Hyped to be able to witness some awesome shredding.
Went to Crazee Burger recently. It didn't disappoint.
Met up with the Lurkers in Mission Valley for some shredding.
In my opinion, they were doing some sick maneuvers. To them, straight to the Instagram. 
Larue with a sick wallride.
His back truck actually grinds. Technically, he slappied it. So rad.
Re-entering earth.
Just dorking around.
He makes it look easy, this thing was made of stucco.
Nose wall riding around.
Ollie, first try. BK don't mess around.
A long long time ago....


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