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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Benny's Mexican Food, Grater Sandwich Shop, Skateboards etc......

Welcome back everyone!
Look around, take a gander at what you may or may not like.
Food, kitty's, good times and skateboards! That's what we are all about.
All partied out.
Key-hole bowl.
New shred sled! Nine inches wide with a shovel nose.
Tight squad right there.
Soft core Aztec porn.
My new spot. Everything I've had here is legit! Located on 1244 30th street, San Diego 92102.
They out there...... Wondering what's gonna happen with Route 44.....if anything.
I mopped it up.
The next day, we had some 'Grater' a sandwich shop in Mission Valley!
I ad two beers with my sandwich. I ad their version of a pastrami sandwich.
Can't remember what this one was.
I think this one had pepperoni, feta cheese and tomatoes on it. Pickle was mandatory.
Exploring new heights.
I call these things 'sugar burritos'!
Time for some homemade grilled cheese action.
Loaded with pepperoni.
Sun bathing.
children and kitty's first.
Ran into Dowdy's dad on my way home.
Gotta share a tall boy with the bub!
Evening hype!
Craig was hyped on the Thrasher logo I drew for him.
He could have won, but the whiskey got the better of him.
Passing out in style.


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