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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Nasty Neil Safari, Tombstones and Food, Food, FOOD!

Got a banger of a blog here for ya!
"Lifes a garden, dig it." -Joe Dirt
 Coronado Skatepark, oh how I love thee.
 The only bowl I really feel comfortable skating. It's perfect.
 Trying to draw a wood frame.
 The bub Stewart showing Quin and Matt how to drop in on the tombstone.
 Only way to learn is to man up and try.
 Hard boiled eggs for breakfast with some hot sauce. A great on the go snack, especially if your running late to work.
 Sock problems. All of my socks have a hole on the right side. It's the result from the griptape on my skateboard tearing through my shoes and ripping the socks and then my skin. I use ducttape as a solution. I like to skate my shoes until there is no tread on the bottom.
 The mysterious Nasty Neil sighting. He bought a toy drone and flew it into a tree on its maiden voyage.
This video was the result of the debacle. Yea, I had a few beers and gave my Ozzy commentary on it...
Glorious steak and eggs for breakfast.
It saddens me to report to you that the Old Mill Cafe, will undergo some renovations, new menu and change of name. Still under the same ownership though.
Sponge Bob.
Beautiful spider outside the bub Neil's house.
I'd freak out if that thing was crawling on me.
He loves the dirt.
Project time at the skatepark.
Making tombstones for an upcoming Halloween themed Skate Night Bbq.
Yea, I'm that far behind on content, so what, you wanna fight about it?
I was trying to be corny as hell.
It was a lot of fun to make these. Made them all out of  wood I dug out of the trash at my wood shop job. Shout out to the bub ItWasTheLight for helping me with the epitaphs. 
So pitted.
I was in the process of pitting my own stomach.
Neil, ripping on the drums.
I got spots baby!
Unhappy Charger fans.
I don't blame them. The Spanos family has really dragged the franchise through the mud at this point.
Cherry Bomb with these bubs.
Scotty V, making friends.
Six pack to-go from the Bomb is always a must.
Nightly strolls through Balboa park are a must.
It's such a peaceful place, at dark.
Artsy fartsy.
  Somehow on the walk home...
Adalberto's is a great quality burrito. 24 hours and at a fair price.
I'm always on the hunt for them cheap Emerica's!
Digging deeper into the world of Mexican candy. It's a fun adventure.
Dinner time.
Just pile it all on top of each other.
Layers baby, all about the layers.
And cheese too!
Stewart, eyeing up the spot.
Paw shot. The yawn was a bonus.
"Oh, hello."
Such a handsome pussy model.
We play hard.


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