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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Last Ramp Jam @ The Look Back Library

Rainy day called for a session at the bub Kevin's house on his indoor mini ramp!
I was the first to arrive, so I had the honor of sweeping out the ramp!
It's an honor!
Thanks Kevin for opening yer home to a bunch of smelly skaters. The Look Back Library is looking amazing!
Brandon Oakes showed up!
Smolik showed up and killed it as usual.
Hugs and homies.
Nice guy squad!
Love the headline, 'HESH vs. FRESH' 
The Look Back Library is looking damn near complete!
Tome to nerd it up on some skate literature!
Sean Sheffey! I see him almost every time I go to Alga Norte park.
Mike and Matt Sosa. Nice guy squad.
Coco Santiago. This cover is so friggin' raw.
There it is, June 1983. The year and month I was born.
Cover boy, New York city legend, Andy Kessler.
Volume 1. Issue 1! Never thought I'd hold one of these!
Freestyle is a memory.
Back when Metallica was all about thrash-metal.
All hail!
Ron Whaley
Tempster! I love how he autographed it.
Then it was home to play with the little furry monster.


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