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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- EATFIEND @ Miami Dolphins VS. San Diego Chargers, November 13th, 2016

Received a text message from the bub Scott and he invited WormTits and I to the Doolphins VS. Chargers game!
Going to any football game in cost a shit ton of money. Scott is a season ticket holder! Stoked!
We wanted to make a day of it, and arrived around 9:30 a.m. for some heavy metal parking lot action. 
We marked out territory. It was a plus to be near a barrier. 
It was a "sign from God", according to Piech.
Hyped to get the trolley in this shot. Qualcomm stadium, I remmeber when it was called the Jack Murphy Stadium, home of Tony Gwynn.
The squad had arrived and Stinky starts blasting the worst music ever from his truck.
Challenges were being accepted, grudges were being made, people were humiliated.
Scott's homemade corn-hole was a hit!
King Baby and Piech. Drunk and lit.
Clear skies on this beautiful Sunday.
Can you see the bean bag?
The homemade bean bags were made by Scott's neighbor. They held up pretty well for the day!
Everyone was having a good time. Tail gate life equals the good life!
Light it up!
Notice the kid in the background giving me the stink-eye?
Scott handled the grilling duties. Pay no mind to the charred hot dog.
Stinky had to be at work later in the evening so the bubs split.
Pound a few more before we make the long walk to the stadium.
We were pretty fired up to scream our butts off.
Hyped to be here!
Then Rivers threw his first of three interceptions.....
Standard Piech photo.
Beautiful people everywhere.
And a cup of white wine.
Legendary stadium.
When Piech gets excited, his belly comes out to say hello.
The game was really fun and promising. Chargers had the lead!

Then a fight happened. It was brief.
Rivers threw another interception that led to a Dolphins touchdown. Kind of a bummer.
Then the Chargers slowly stated losing control of the game.
Atleast Scott could still put on a tiny smile. I was trying to cheer him up.
Final score 31-24, Dolphins.
I was trying to cheer up Piech.
The whole stadium was completely deflated. 
Beaten warriors that somehow survived the battle.
Then the lights came on.
Barrier fun.
We were real tired.
Real tired.
Then it was home to a double cheeseburger and a corn dog.

I feel like I need to voice my two cents about the whole Chargers-leaving-San Diego debacle.
I think it's total bullshit that a NFL team owner can just bully the fans and city around into buying that piece of shit Dean Spanos (a billionaire) a multi-billion dollar stadium. I'm glad the citizens of S.D. voted against it.
With that being said, I'm bummed I gotta drive two hours north to hell-hole Los Angeles just to see the Patriots play. I also feel bummed for all of my friends that are die-hard Charger fans.
Oh well, they'll probably be back in S.D. in ten years anyway.

Here's to the good times!!!
Video recaps are always fun!

Chargers VS. Raiders blog coming soon!


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