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Friday, January 27, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- ZERO Skateboards No Cash Value vol. 5 Premiere @ House of Vista Skate Shop

I never thought I'd see the day where I would drive up to a Zero Skateboards video premiere by myself......
......But I guess there is a first time for everything. I love skateboarding and I really love the impact Jamie Thomas and the brand have made as far as an impact on my skating, the music I listen to, how I like to see skateboarding filmed..... The list goes on!
Plus I'm a loyal loser that has nothing else better to do.
I missed the first four premieres of the 'Volumes' of the Low Cash series but there was no way I was gonna miss this one! After all, it was in S.D. The main flier had BeerBonginBrockman as their poster boy. 
Big fan of the switch 5-0 photo.
The premiere was at 'The House' skate shop up in Vista. It was my first time there, so I took a few photos. There boards selection was legit and heavy on the NS-pro slelection. Meaning lots of north county pro models. Figgy, Rowan Zarilla, Slash, Colin Provost just to name a few. I can remember wen all those dudes were little kids! Crazy! I'm fucking old!
New park being built in Vista! Psyched!
The shop was getting crowded.
Bbq out back. Free!
I was bouncing around alot. I rolled solo and didn't really have 'a crew' to hang with. I just watched some skate vids and sipped some suds.
Typical skate premiere, you show up at 8, and the darn thing don't get started 'til 10.
Jamie Thomas sure has a knack for theatrics.
This graphic was sick.
Located at 637 S. Santa Fe Avenue Unit c, Vista 92083
Now you know! Y'know, in case you ever break a bearing or something.
Finally, things were getting started!
Franky Villani had the opener and killed it. 
I'm a fan!
This long flat bar was murdered.
ZERO is still going strong!
The bub!
This noseslide by Windsor James was insane!
So dreamy!
Killed it!
Heavy hammers in this part.
I'll admit, when he back 5-0'd the El Toro rail, I immediately started screaming 'BEN GILLEY! NEVER FORGET!" 
A job well done!
These two had my favorite part!
I brought these unbought posters from my yard sale to give to Jamie Thomas. He was very thankful.
He said he had never seen this poster of his 'Welcome To Hell' ender 50-50 at UCSD. The rail is long gone.
He was even more hyped on this Stanford ollie poster. It made me feel good inside to hype up a childhood hero of mine.
He was really hyped!
Then it was a long drive home to a burger.
I fucking love skateboarding and the places it takes me.


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