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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Kristy's MVP's and Poker / Larbsgiving Fun!

Lots of good times lay ahead!
Rising from the dirt and moving to the gutter!
Love this photo of Craig. Crappy Thrasher logo by yours truly.
Rain shot of Coronado skatepark.
Doesn't happen very often.
All shiny looking!
Probably an hour or so later. The rain never lasts very long in San Diego!
Oh you know, just some moron in the opposite lane at one of the most dangerous intersections in Coronado (4th and B), trying to merge into speeding traffic. I kept my distance.
My favorite sports bar in San Diego. Douche bag factor is pretty low due to the fact that all of the Raiders fans stay on the left half of the building, a designated 'Raiders fans section'. And there is practically a t.v. for every booth/table/bar stool. If there is a game on somewhere in the world, tis place gets it.
I had no complaints.
King Baby.
Ktisty is the owner and she is notorious for going around and spanking the bar patrons with her paddle. Good times!
All hail the internet, where this may live forever!
KingBaby enjoyed this!
Time for more beer!
Home Depot to some.
Heated discussions about the affairs of the San Diego Chargers.
24 hours a day. No drive thru. That's okay, it's good to mingle!
Old Martha.
This rainbow was straight ahead of me. I drove through it. The colors went all the way straight into the ground. Trippy. This phenomenon enticed me to google how rainbows are made!
Pretty cool. Now I know, embarrassed to admit I didn't in the first place.
Mounted these horns. Pretty psyched how it came out. Recycled wood.
Coronado skatepark in all it's beauty.
Curb session...
.....Turned into skating a flat box on the ground session! ItWasTheLight brings the fun!
Blurry nose slide. I ate shit on this thing pretty hard. It was greasy.
Low light.
Photos by ItWasTheLight.
The make!....... maybe?
Benny's taco shop in South Park. The jalapenos cost extra, but it's totally worth it!
Larbsgiving on poker night. Two birds with one stone.
Getting ready for a Larbsgiving poker feast!
Pizza and wings for an appetizer.
Meatball party.
The bub Colin with his spawn.
I'm a big fan of bacon weaves.
Plated for everyone!
Asparagus, marinara sauce, feta cheese, meatball and of course bacon!
DonaldGately and I stayed up late into the night.
Peeling potatoes relaxes me. I just zone out and work on a ten pound bag.
The wife and I are trouble makers.
Poker bubs!
Hyped the bub Josh giving the shirts I sold him extra life for his Pick Pocket clothing company!
I love my bacon press.
Breakfast with the wife!
Jim Greco, Med Choice gap up in Miramar.
Transworld skateboarding magazine. Love me some Jeff Grosso.
Guess who.
Thought you'd make it through without seeing a picture of Biscuit?
Think again!


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