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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Brendan Keaveny & Dolan Stearns Are Pro!

Congrats bubs, you guys are made men into the professional world of skateboarding for Lurkville Skateboards!
This blog is dedicated to whatever vids I could dig up on YouTube of these two all-terrain-killers.
His "Meet The Lurkers" part was fucking intense.
Dolan Stearns closing out "Meet The Lurkers" with a face melter of a part. You see the last clip?
He Lizrad-King'd the fuck outta' it!
Anyway..... Let's dig deeper shall we?
Looks like BK went on a two day killing spree. Found this on the Metro Skateboarding YouTube page.
Artsy-fartsy Dolan. He's good at painting and drawing too.
This got me pretty hyped. Kinda makes me miss the old PQ park. But it's a better place now.
Back smith impossible was insane.
Transworld Mag's 27th video.
I feel like I could go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, but I gotta' get to work.
To buy their Lurkville Pro models click here or find them at finer skateshops.
Congrats fellas. Can't wait to see some pro hammers!


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