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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- PD, WSVT, Rocco's Bar & Grill and Ribs

It's been a couple of days since my last post!
Ooops! Let's get it!
 Found myself staring at skateboards, as I tend to do...
 So rad. The gluttony and filth. Total Homer/Beavis & Butthead/ Al Bundy-esque!?!?
 San Diego's oldest skate shop. Since 1988, I think.
 Based on Tosh Rice's recommendation we hit up Rocco's Bar & Grill for some grub!
 Couple of kooks.
 Had tere famous juicy cheese burger. It didn't disappoint!
 Stocked up on the newest magazines for the kids at the Skatepark.
New Welcome Skateboards vid 'Fetish', which is awesome.
And a set of Independent Trucks 215 millimeter! The quest for a dirt-board as begun!
 After dropping off the wife at home and a quick poo, I was off to WSVT for the Gone Cemental 'zine issue #5 release party.
 Cover boy, Branden Perelson.
 Heavy hype this bub. Seems like he can defy gravity on any vertical obstacle. From bridge-baby to bridge-kid to full on fucking serial killer bridge-man.
 Girls that rip! My phone doesn't take the best pictures here due to the low lighting.
 Whaaaaaaat? Memo's finest Nolan representing!
 This dude was killing it. That sled had to be at least 10 inches wide.
 Peaceful-Mike. OG WSVT head right there.
 Mid flight. I like this picture.
 Nolan didn't leave empty handed! They had freebies for the shredders.
 This kid, eye of the tiger.
 Hucking. After watching him slam, it made my ankles ache.
 Can't resist a good deal!
 Been making alotta nachos at home. Way cheaper.
I'm a bearing. To find out what part of the skateboard anatomy you are, click here!
 Ribs were done!

 And came out finger licking delicious!
 Work lunch made by the wife. I'm a lucky guy!
Brandon Turner, switch tail drop. Insane.


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