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Friday, April 28, 2017

Mandatory Bloggey- DTSD Schralping (Concourse and The Field)

Just another day shredding in the streets of downtown San Diego!
America's finest city....
Picture me rolling!
Went to the San Diego concourse with the bubs Jeff and Hans a couple of Sundays ago.
Spencer! This dude rips.
Skater everywhere. It was awesome. Made me really hyped on the booming skate scene in S.D.
Spencer with the front nose stee!
Hangry with the hunger pains and a itchy liver.
The bub Matthew (The King) always on that skate-rat filming trip! He fuggin' rips on the shred sled too.
Then for some inexplicable reason, Hans focused his skateboard. Literally everyone at the concourse stopped skating and it got real quiet for a split second. To make matters worse, Josh Kalis was there. The street King himself and Hans had to go on and have a fit.
Buzz Killington is his new name!
Then it was back to business as usual. It didn't stop Jeff from busting a three sixty flip on Hans' broken board. And ten crooked grinding this little metal shit-box.
Then we went off to The Field on fifth street for a few pints.
Like I said, it was business as usual.
I love watching a properly poured pint of Guinness settle into it's natural state.
Round one quickly became round two!
Then round three!
We weren't done yet!
This curb is easily one of the funnest spots in downtown San Diego. You can't see it, but its a metal curb. If you can scratch grinds here for five minutes or so then good for you!
He might have been regretting his decision to break his board, but then again he probably didn't even give two shits about skating with is friends at that moment.
He gave me his best 'Hans-filter'.
Then security showed up to put a cap on Hans' "sad-parade".
Then it was time for a heavy dinner. I am a growing boy after all.
Then back to work the next day.


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