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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Skater Trader & "Mash With Us" Premiere Pics

It's no big secret that I'm a huge fan of the skate premiere.
I love how all dirt bag skaters can get it together enough to share some stoke.
I fucking love skateboarding.
Morning hype!
Swung by "Skate Trader" wit Piech to gander at the relics of the past time I love so much; skateboarding.
Caster, Fier Flex, Z-Flex, G&S, Sims...... You name it and it's most likely here!
Whooooaaaaaa mama!
I was as happy as a pig in mud.
Need to get a set of these. 
"I'll have a coke."
Skate nerds everywhere.! Check them out! If you can't find what yer looking for, they most likely have the contacts that can find what you want!
Adressed to Tony Alva!
Piech with his catch of the day.
Far right, hang ten in the kitchen...... ON TE COVER OF THRASHER!
My 'o my, how things have changed.
When I asked how much for this complete, the collector relied "You couldn't afford it."
Hey, I feel the same way about Batman too!
I think the collector was only nice enough to take our photo with the Dark Knight board so I would stop touching it. I LOVE SKATEBOARDING!
Kevin and the Look Back Library were present. Hey, if you can't get yer kid to read, hand them a skate mag. They'll atleast be entertained by the amazing skate photography. And they might even be intrigued by the zany adventures skateboarders have while on tour or whatever.
Then we went back to my pad for a beer and a bite to eat.
Then we were off the the Horton Grand Hotel!
The director, producer and filmer of the evening!
We skaters love to give one another accolades for our commitment to video projects.
Giving Jeff the bird. Sorry for acting this way on front of someones mother! My bad.
I was lucky enough to sit next to OAKS! So hyped.
It sure as hell beat sitting next to this drunk fuck. He can't seem to go anywhere without talking about himself and ruining any movie, concert..... the list goes on.
Ricky! Love you bub.
Group photo of the mashers before the video started.
Thank you's and I love you's.
Then the shredding commenced!
The premiere was over and the party vibes were high!
Dowdy with his loving family. The best supporting cast anyone could have.
BK and the back of Chases head. BK had a bunch of tricks in "Mash With Us". When his small part started playing, viewers started chanting "BK BK BK BK!"
Kinda in a brothers at arms kind of way. It was kind of in the air that everyone and their mamma thought the man should be a pro skater. A few days later Tyrone flew into town and gave him his pro model. Stoked!
Young ripper sharing some clips with these two. They probably didn't give two hoots about what she was sharing. Hans was probably entertaining the conversation 'cuz he thought he had a chance getting into her pants. Jeff was probably wondering when she was gonna share some of the beer she had in her back-pak. Just speculating. But when you know these two like I do.....
I hope more premieres happen at this venue. It's way closer than La Paloma theatre and is really mellow.
Then while walking down the sidewalk I saw Dave!
Love you bub!
Then it was off to my favorite bar in downtown, The Field!
The place was packed but we were served some pints real quick. 
It helps when yer friends parents own the place.
Live rock 'n roll! Woo hoo!
Then it was time for a change. Went to the Chee-Chee. Nice and empty.
Sipped beers and played songs on the juke box 'til it was time to call it a night.
Piech was firing on all cylinders.
It was time to part ways.
Time to catch the bus home!
Jeff's second time on public transportation in San Diego.
I'm glad we get to share these moments together.

Where did Hans go?
Who cares.


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