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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Weird Igby and Lunch Prepping

"Catch of the day" type of photos.
Enjoy! Here today, gone tomorrow. Some..... might.... say....
Fresh catch of some fish tacos.
Igby being weird.
The addiction continues.
Breakfast burrito time.
Love me some bacon.
Morning hype!
My kitty has got a furry booty.
Little Caesars pizza score.
Bacon, beef brisket and shredded pork. It was awesome.
Prepping lunch. Found this in the pantry.
Chopped up some chicken breasts.
Spinach and bean sprouts. Just added some salt and garlic powder.
And rice of course!
Found some carrot hot sauce in the 'fridge. May as well throw that in too!
Nutritious and delicious!
Another cat butt hole.
More vanity plates I see on the road.
Quick Thursday morning session with the bub Christian.
Little .99 cent pizza with some provolone cheese and salami on top.
Ghetto microwave.
Saved a little lizard from being stranded in a bowl.
So goes the circle of life.


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