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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Super Blooming in Borrego Springs

Got into the spirit of the bub Jeff making his new "Super Bloom" video, so the wife, myself and some friends decided to take the drive out there ourselves and take in the beauty!
Due to the recent heavy rainfall, everything was lush and green.
I seriously don't ever remember seeing Lake Cuyamaca this full of water. Seems like a few months ago, I recall seeing galloping deer where that water is.
Anna-banana was hyped!
Then we got to wandering.
Did a little climbing.
Brockman the mountain goat.
I was way up there.
It was hard to find all three colors in one spot.
Then it was off to see this spectacle.
Death comes a criddling.
She was hyped on the grasshopper.
I call it the "sand worm". A Beetlejuice reference!
It was an awesome day. Pretty rad that you can change yer whole environment with a short drive.
It's like being in another world.
Couples photo time.
I wanna camp under this thing one day.
Time for another hike!
We found a rock to drink beers on and watch the sun go down.
The whole valley engulfed by the shadows.
Little sprouter. Pretty amazing considering the soil is damn near rock solid.
More low light photos.
The word was out and people were adventuring too.
Last photo of the evening. Then it was time for the drive home. It was a blast.

Oh yea, here is the recent "Super Bloom" video filmed by none other than ItWasTheLight!


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