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Monday, April 10, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- A Walk Down Memory Lane, Heavy Poods Sesh and New Kicks

Keeping busy. Working on a new Shit Show vid.
Plus new shirts in the works?....... Possibly.
 Spark plug and cords swap out. Couldn't have done this with my own set of regular jack-off tools. 
Thank U.C!
 It was due.
 The breakfast bowl mania continues.
 So does Hansamania.
 Stopped by The Look Back Library for veggie tacos and stories with the bub Kevin.
 We traded posters. I'm hyped on this!
 Heaviest dose of skate literature in one picture. He's killing it.
 For some reason I knew the exact issue that this Neil Heddings spread at Coronado Skatepark.
 I was there that day. We talked about is 'Randoms' hardware. Being 18 and nothing to talk about, I'm sure I was just trying to talk about anything.
 He came by the park recently. When I brought up the incredible feat he performed over ten years ago, he responded "Yea, that's my only photo in my career where I had to wear pads."
I laughed, apologized for enforcing the rules and let him in for free.
In my defense, only helmets are required for adults at the park these days.
 None the less, I've been having heaps of fun shredding with the next generation.
 Came home to an amazing dinner by my better half.
 Rice and ground beef stuffed green bell pepper topped with melted mozzarella! Oh, HELL YEA!
 Morning hype before heading to Poods park.
 Hyped to run into the bub Dylan Messer! He was in town for a quick sesh before heading to a wedding. What are the odds?
 I assume this is the work of "Mouse".
David Bowie for life.
 Then the session got heated! Larue and Brockman are constantly battling it out. It's awesome to watch.
 I had to get a taste.

 Mandatory cat-grip shot.
 Dylan with a sick front tail slide down the hubba every try.
 Poached shot of Anthony Schultz. 
Big spin front board.
It was crazy 'cuz he had rails on his board.
 Awesome sesh. Heavy rippers.
 Then Larue hooked me up with a copy of the 3rd installment of "Fuck Tjhis Video"!
 I personalized my copy with some stickers.
 Cat and mouse.
 New kicks I bought on Amazon for $23. I hadn't had Fallens in a few years.
 Felt like trying something a bit different. Too bad it's a bit too late, now that they have gone out of business.
 I couldn't resist a high top shoe! Love me some ankle support.
 Shoe companies don't even hook you up with extra laces nowadays.
Buncha balogny.
Then I met up with Piech and things got a bit weird....


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