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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Dinner, Lurking at Sketchy Tank and Galaktikon

Back yard time for these fur-balls.
I like to go to Pacific Drive and touch all the boards.
I like to closely inspect all of the beautiful graphic work on the bottoms of the decks. Sometimes there is a top graphic. Board shape diversity is ever prominent these days, so one can most commonly find any quiver their heart desires. Square tails, popsicle sticks, "old school" shapes (typically any board shaped in the 80's, pool shapes, shark noses, ice-picks, pick-axes and boats).
I really love skateboarding. 
Steak dinner meal prepping.
Let's get to it.
Lots of potatoes.
Garlic and squash. 
And colorful bell pepper.
Splashed with some pepper and olive oil and it was ready for the oven.
Steak and garlic bread prep.
Onion power. I love the flavor. Hate it every time I cut one up. Makes me cry every time.
Garlic mashed potatoes.
So this is where I'm supposed to post a pic of the complete meal.
But sometimes, one is just too darn excited to stuff thy suck-hole, to take thirty seconds to take a photo. So it goes...
I try to keep up with the print form of skateboarding. It's hard to not take notice of the circus that goes on in the internet. but magazines, something you can hold, it just never gets old.
Then on this random day by the graces of the bub Christian, e invited me up to see if place of occupation.
Turns out he works for a rad clothing company called "Sketchy Tank" and they are located right up in Encinitas.
I got to help out with a photo shoot and the location was at a bar. 
Not bad for a days work bub!
My wardrobe plus whatever shirt they wanted me to wear.
Hats and catalogs.
And a pitcher of Pacifico to go with it!
It was my first time to the 1st Street Bar. It was nice and divey.
Then we took Creature for a walk.
It was pretty fun seeing where he worked at. Glad they are killing it.
I saw this guy on the way home.
If you haven't heard Brandon Smalls latest masterpiece I suggest you should.
Crack open a brew and enjoy this rockin' gem!


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