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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Dolan Stearns Art Show @ Gym Standard

Went and lurked at an art show at Gym Standard on El Cajon boulevard a couple of weeks ago. It was a real hoot.
I kinda feel like this song is appropriate with the blog.
 Party Igby.
Driven by a million times. It was my first time inside.
Not to be confused with "Digital Gym", located next door.
Baseball card series by Dolan Stearns. He drew these crazy looking alien faces on each individual card.
Then there was a Julian Klincewiz solo guitar show. This was the closest I could get.
People eveywhere. El Cajon boulevard and 29th street was popping!
A most excellent turn out.
Babe was having a good time!
Pacific Liquor. One of my preferred watering-to-go holes.
It was all smiles for the bub Dolan! Congrats bub! Job well done.
Spencer Pratti. This bub is a beast on a board.
Sharting out new drawings.
I'm just sick and tired of all these star wars.
Double heels sandwich.
Hello there.
New shred sled! Psyched!
I bought a Kirby Puckett card from the Dolan art show. Set them up next to some new Indy 169's.
Love this stuff. Old drinking mug I've had since 2005.
New OJ wheels, 56 mm Matt Hensley's!

Hensley was rolling up the cuffs of his pants long before anyone else in skateboarding.
Nowadays its commonplace.
Back to skateboarding.


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