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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Hangin' w/ Jeff and Hans, Zoo pics and Lemon Grove Skatepark Lurking

Shredding with the bubs and drinking some suds! Saying hello to some furry animals while lurking at the zoo!
Life is good!
New shred sled! Stoked!
Guess who?
Yep, that's who.
Nose on nose action.
Not sure what he's doing with his pants there.
Then I went to the zoo with the wife.
Big ass scary gorillas.
We just like to have fun!
San Diego, discovered by the Germans in 1908....
Sleepy polar bear.
The only mammal known to actively hunt man. Mucho respecto.
I wanna skate this so bad.
Just gotta park on the side of the freeway and hop the fence! Who's with me?
It's hard to tell, but this beautiful snow leopard was missing an eye.
Kinda made me sad.
More big beautiful furry kitty's.
It must have been close to feeding time.
Speaking of feeding. Imagine how dull and tough yer teeth must be to chew and grind up bamboo.
Sleepy bears. Can you dig it?
Then we hit up the Monkey Paw brewery for a sippy-poo!
Beautiful little man.
The next day, we hit up the newly renovated Lemon Grove skatepark!
Scooter infestation. It was only for a short time.
The bub Larue with the eye of the tiger.
Session was lit!
Except this kid, fuck that kid and his dumb scooter.
Woogie was all smiles.
Good times!
Sk8Mafia squad is always up at the spots annihilating it.
The bub slammed a bit, but only after he got some clips!
You best believe I hit it up!
Good times!


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