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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Sexy Biscuit Photo Shoot, Bowling and FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD!

 Gotta love a true Chicagoian (is that the right word) for they choose to stand while stuffing ones face.
 Time for a sexy Biscuit photo shoot.
 The roses were complimentary!
 He was pleased with himself.
 Hero shot.
 Then he was over it.
 I agree. You never hear a story start with 
"Yea, I went to veggie-hut and as I was eating a kale salad, aliens dropped outta the sky and stated abducting people!"
Obviously, one would skip the salad part. Unless your super descriptive. But the salad has nothing to do with the aliens. 
 Went bowling again at Kearny Mesa bowl. This dudes's shirt intrigued me. I assume this was a gay bowling team. I felt like there was a subliminal message in the 'B.B.C.' (big black cock).
 As we waited for our lane, we wolfed down some nachos and beers.
 Speaking of lovers..... 
Don't see any reason why an all men's gay team would think that these two were a couple of bears (or myself for that matter). But hey, when in Rome....
 Oh, hey Bill! So nice to see you.
 Fireball. I've vowed not to spend my money on this stuff anymore. But when the bub Scott buys a round, it would have been impolite to decline. After all, we were having a blast!
 Annabanana was there. She was killing it.
 Yep, that bottom score is me! O'Doyle rules!
 More Karl Strauss amber lager. I like this stuff. Reminds me of watching hockey at Sports Arena.
 Victory stance for Piech.
 Look at Scott with that form!
 When the birds go up, it means he didn't get a strike. 
 Kooks in love!
 Then by midnight, the alley was empty. Makes me wish I knew someone that worked here so I could stay longer.
 Then it was home to a crappy night cap sandwich.
 Sushi the next day. FYI, Zensei sushi on 30th and Upas changed its name to "Craft and Sea". They got rid of their sushi bar, you order and pay up front. Then when your food is served you have to get your own napkins, untensils, condiments, etc. I used to like this place. I'll still frequent it from time to time, but I don't see what the point in tipping is due to the lack of service.
 Dessert. I love these things.
This is a great movie, even better book.
I look forward to seeing the sequel.
 It's okay.
 Grilled cheese from 'Grater" down in Mission Valley.
 Artsy shartsy selfie. I like blowing out the bowls. I like knowing that when I drop in, there's no debri that's gonna cause me to slam. Although, slams are necessary.
 Cat back-pak. I must admit, I want one.
 Just let it bee!
 Took a hike up Cowles mountain with babe. It was fun.
 This diner was even more fun!
 Very old school. I like that.
 Turkey club with curly fries.
 I went with the rueben and onion rings.
 And Trevor Ward.
 And my kittys. 'Nuff said.
 Late night game at the Whistle Stop. Love this bub.
Lefty's. Love this pizza joint. Love me a heavily marinated pizza.


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