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Monday, May 1, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Wizard Retreat 2016

Following up the Wizard Retreat video with a kick ass blog!
Writing this blog almost 10 months later sure is sparking a lot of great memories!
It's getting me pumped for the next one!
Gotta start the day off right, am I right?
Hot dog mania. 
Getting ready for a day well spent in the desert shooting b.b. guns and drinking beers with my best bubs!
New shirt that I'm really hyped on. The wife bought it for me for my birthday!
The day before, she also took me to 'Lions, Tigers and Bears' to feed the animals! 
It was amazing.
Wal-Mart run for some camping necessities!
Stocking up on food, beer, ice, coals.....
Did I mention beer?
Then it was time for a scenic drive through Julian.
Straight to the Julian skatepark.
Love this place! It's almost always empty!
And it has a dug-out to lurk inside of and drink beers!
Piech, rocking his Larbfest shirt. The Larb was definitely present.
So psyched to have all my skate bubs shredding in one place. 
Dreams do come true! Just gotta make it happen!
We were rolling three cars deep!
ItWasTheLight and Mr.MoonLight
It was hot out. June is a hell of a time to be heading towards the desert.
We didn't care. Time to head to Borrego!
Oh snaps!
Burn baby burn!
In all honesty, it was too darn ot for a fire, but it's mandatory when one is attempting to build himself a Wizard staff when camping.
Christian got himself all setup! He tends to always know what's what. 
Our camp site and the moon. As I write this blog I'm realizing that all of these photos were shot with my old IPhone 4.
It didn't stop me from documenting the evening!
Did I mention I made another shirt for this years Wizard Retreat?
The bub Jeff and I worked hard on it!
Full Wizardry was being commenced!
Newcomers MichaelJ, Larue, Lefty and Dowdy all had a fucking blast.
General ass-grabbery.
I love this blurry pic. That's why it made it onto the blog!
Team work makes the dreams work! When yer drunk sometimes you need a hands taping yer next can of beer onto yer staff.
Piech was getting floored by the heat. Even though it was roughly 6 a.m. the heat was starting all over again.
Stinky taking a poop behind a giant ocotillo plant.
Larue with a nappy-poo. We all partied pretty hard.
MichaelJ went full Wizard. This guy was a full on riot.
I found NastyNeil's knife! He lost it whilst stumbling around and I came across it while wandering around.
It was at the bottom of this hill. This hill was a pain in the ass to climb up. 
It was like trying to run up quicksand. Very exhausting.
Do-do-do-do..... Here comes the sun..... do-do-do-do!
After a while, I found NastyNeil. He had just taken a solid morning dump and was enjoying a cigarette.
Just a man, his thoughts and his dump.
He was so hyped I found his beloved knife!
Victory stance!
BeerBonginBrockman had a bunch of beer bongs. No big surprise there.
No place to sit? Fuggit! Just lay down in the dirt!
The desert is beautiful!
Passed the fuck out. Too much whiskey and Rammstein for this bub.
Piech was hating on the sun, as is tradition.
Migration between vehicles to avoid sun light was mandatory.
DonaldGately fighting his mortal enemy the only way he knows how to. By staying in the shade!
To hot to sleep in his tent.
MVP MichaelJ kept the party going!
Dirt life!
Nature Brockman and his friendly bee!
The Borrego Badlands. We were pretty close to the border.
My favorite photo from the trip. A man and his giant pile of shit.
Saw this when I got home. It blew my mind.
Video recap just because I love watching it!
It's been real fellas.
'Til next time.....


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