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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Just Another Shredtacular Day and Stink-Foot Hans

Summer is quickly approaching!
Gotta get as much of that day time shredding in as possible!
I got spots baby!
Out in them streets! SDSU to be exact.
Cody and the landfill.
I tried to huck, but these days I lack vertical leap. Then I fell right next to a pile of human feces and was over it. Gross!
Didn't stop the bub Branden Lefever from frontside flipping the gap!
Christian showed up!
Birds eye view from a nearby parking garage.
The Filipino King himself! Always on tat filming/skating grind!
Love this bub.
Like I said, I got spots baby!
Then campus police came and ended the fun. At least they didn't give us tickets.
Last days of this shred sled.
Old bank spot in the college area. Its super fun.
Lemon Grove spot check.
In all my years, I had never even been to this legendary spot before.
So many hammers have gone down on this thing.
You know I had to get some!
Like peas and carrots these two!
Celebratory beers and kitty's after a long day of skating in the sun.
Then this guy showed up. I must admit, I sure know how to give a good dead-arm!
He never stops talking....
This helps cope with Hans' blabber mouth.
Then he got quiet once a kitty was on his lap.
Then he was showing off his tickets to the gun show.
Late night 7-11 beer run. Green Flash kills it. I'm a fan.
The next day a kid came by the Skatepark inquiring to shred. He was tapping something metal on the counter. When I asked him what he was tapping, he revealed that he found a 9mm bullet in the grass nearby. I quickly confiscated it from him. Sketchy!
It happens.
Therapy session at Memo park!
Memo legend, Kellen James. He good at pushing wood. Real good.
Then it was home to a nutritious and delicious dinner!


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