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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Doug Stanhope at the Irvine Comedy Club and Some Food Suggestions

Took a ride to up-river Irvine to hang out with some yuppies and catch a Doug Stanhope show.
Oh don't worry, I brought the bub and stinky-footed Hans with me too!
We try to make the comfortable, uncomfortable!
Baby Hans had a rough day of being hungover at work. He was so exhausted from talking about the new band he will be frontlining the night before, He had tuckered himself out. 
Camp Pendleton.
America, fuck yea. Multi-billion dollar industry right there.
They have all the awesome toys. We just ride skateboards.
Quick stop for some road sodas.
He needs to quit smoking.
They took our tickets upon entering, so I took a picture of mine. Because I'm a nerd.
Pretty big venue. I'd say three times the size of the American Comedy Club in DTSD.
We were lucky because we sat as a group on an elevated table, perfectly high enough to not have to look at the back of peoples heads.
Buckets of beer!
It was a solid crew, minus Hans.
He's a funny guy. Good enough to sell out the show.
A real hoot.
Then I came home to this debacle. He just stared me down as I was pooping.
White Trash Pho for lunch.
With Frank's Red Hot of course!
Love it.
Alligator lizard in my front yard.
Chicken nuggets. A good cheap meal from my local Food Bowl.
Morning hype.
Costco pizza hype.
Skating hype.
Went to The BBQ Pit on University boulevard. This was te wife's share.
Tis ws mine! Pulled pork sandwich plate with beans and mac 'n cheese!
Can you dig it?
More lunch to go. Brown bag it, tupperware, aluminum foil. You name it.
Save a dollar here, a dollar there.
Skate Night Bbq hype.
Decent turn out to shred the evening.
Austin shut it down. The kid rules, hope to see more of him shredding at the park!