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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Nick Cave Photos June 26th 2017, Olympic Cafe Revival, New Shred Sled

She bought me tickets to Nick Cave and I couldn't be any luckier!
Nick Cave! Psyched!
We went to The Field to wet our whistles before the show.
  The calm before the show.
Right into it.
He was really good with interacting with the crowd.
 The lights were awesome.
  Into my arms.
  Just when you thought it couldn't get any better....
He walked out onto the crowd. Like Jesus walking on water.
He was really just standing on peoples seats, lol.
For his final encore he asked that the fans take the stage with him. The bubs Jeff and Hans went for it and got on stage. Pretty psyched for them!
Then he finished the show out in the crowd again. A truly amazing night.

Here is 14 minutes of clips that I filmed that night! ENJOY!
 Scribbling in the sidewalk. Boomers mini golf course.
 Time to shred some go-karts
Went to the newly revised Olympic Cafe. The wife and I love Greek food.
It was at the old location of "Jersey Joe's Pizza Joint".
Much better and cleaner now. Locate on 2310 University Avenue, San Diego CA 92104
Pita bread and cheese, yes please!
Grilled chicken salad was on point!
  I went with the pork chops and mashed potatoes!
Handsome kitty.
   Work lunches have been killing it.
Spying on Tosh Rice from my rear view mirror.
Went to PD to check out the boards!
I was in the market for a new quiver. Larb boards were on my radar.
We have a winner!
Wen to 7-11 for a slice.
Broke her in with a slappy bluntslide. Thanks Jeff for the photo!
The bub Christian came by the park for a session.
Backside 50-50 to transfer into the bank.
Bringing the heat!
The make!
All sweaty and ready to bail to someplace cooler.
The Split Liquors!
We may not win all the time but we have more fun than anyone else!
Gotta love a late night walk home.
Coming soon!
 Big booty crew!


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