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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Recycled Skateboards Cutting Board- A Frustrating Saga

I've been doing a lot of research lately on what I can do with old skateboard decks....
Gotta find a way to give some other boards a second time around. However, I didn't realize the true trial and error that goes with it. Never said I was a good wood worker! Why not start with something simple shall we!
These were the three decks I chose to start with. Left to right a "Tired" skateboard, "Anti Hero" (Andrew Allen pro model and a Route 44 shop deck.
Sliced the noses and tails off.
This Tired board had uneven rails, so I screwed a straight edge to it so when I run it on the fence of the table saw it comes into nice even strips.
All nice and squared off.
Cut into 2 inch wide strips.
Then one inch strips.
Then I chose to throw in my old Larb board because none of the layers of wood was stained.
By by my faithful kitty's.
SHED strips.
Time to get to gluing and stacking.
Then I built a stand so my strips of wood can stack nice and evenly during the gluing process.
As the say in 'Army of Darkness', "SALLY FORTH!"
Love this movie.
All glued up and ready to be clamped!
Blocked in my pieces so the clamps didn't dent the cutting board strips when I tightened them.
See the glue oozing out? Yea, that doesn't happen to just one side...
Then I smashed my left thumb with a hammer! Doh!
It pulsated pain so quickly I thought I was going to throw up on the spot.
I could barely sleep the first two nights. It was insanely overly sensitive with throbbing pain.
Kinda like how the mischevious mouse places the dumb house cats tail in a mouse trap and snaps it.
When they show the close up of the pulsating pain....
It felt a lot like this.
The next day I could barely bend my thumb.
Then I took a hot poker to in and burnt a hole through the nail and relieved all of the pressure. It oozed for a couple of days and it made the throbbing pulsation go away almost immediately.
I filmed it!
A few days later, I was back at it. Remember how I mentioned the oozing glue happening on the other side? Yep, DIRP! I glued my cutting board to a piece of ply-wood.
Ended up ripping it in strips when I pulled it off the ply-wood. Luckily nothing snapped. Maple plywood is strong as fuck.
After sanding the strips I got back to gluing and clamping.
I made sure to sand off whatever painted graphics I could. They prevent the glue from adhearing to the porous wood.
Then it was on to sanding!
Doh! Then I broke it again.
To be continued!


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