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Thursday, April 24, 2014

EatFiend @ Ould Sod

This is one of my favourite bars in San Diego. 
A great place for some good old fashioned day drinking, while you wait for your friends to get off work...
Located at 3373 Adams Avenue, Whales Vagina 92116.
 I arrived sometime after 3p.m. so it was obviously time for a Guinness.
I hear it gives you strength. This place has a cozy feeling to it. Wood trim everywhere. Little booths that can fit 5 or 6 people. Some nights they have live music, which is cool.
 Shooting pictures through the mirror of old dudes drinking. Cool stuff.
 He too was waiting for his friends.
 Pint after pint. It went down so smoothly!
 I like my bartenders old, stale and negative. As you can see this bar is nice and quiet. Reminds me a bit of the Little Club.
 His bro's showed up.
 Heisenberg in the middle.
 Then number 4 showed up.
 I think I was on 6 or 7 at this point...
Made it home and drank with the cat!

 Can't wait to go back.



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