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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How Tuesday- DIY Pizza Night

Today's "How Tuesday" is a good one! Do it yourself pizza night is definitely on of the funnest times. Good times with yer best mates.
Pizza stone a la wedding gift. Apparently you can throw this on the grill too. 
Cooking minced garlic. It was the first step on making homemade marinara sauce.
Ingredients. I forgot to buy red pepper flakes, but luckily I rummaged through the ketchup container" and found a bunch of pepper flake packets from previous pizza deliveries.
Activating yeast.
Making dough! I was psyched to have an excuse to fire up the mixer. That too was also a wedding gift.
So I made about 8 balls of pizza dough. Hee hee... balls.
That's about 3 pounds of fresh tomato's. I let it slow cook for about six hours.
While the dough was sitting and the marinara sauce was cooking I hit the streets and went shredding with the bub.
Picked up a few toppings since everyone was gonna get a chance to design their own pie.
WormTits was the first one to go at it. Here he is rolling out his dough.
He went the cheese/jalapeno stuffed crust route.
His pie was ready to hit the oven.
Biscuit approved. Now it's ready.
Pie number 1 was a great success! Great job, WormTits.
The kitchen was alive this night.
Everybody going at it.
Butterface went the peepered salami and green bell pepper route.
And Larue went the Mac 'N Cheese route. Here he is basting his crust with melted butter to get that golden crunchy taste.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmm!
Pie number 2 was also a great success. Who doesn't like mac 'n cheese?
Larue was hyped to cut that pie.
He was so excited, he snapped the pizza cutter. Doh!
That's alright. Throw that piece of shit away. We had a new, good quality, metal pizza cutter standing by ready for use. Also a wedding gift.
Moving on.
ShirleySwallows graced us with her presence and was thinking outside the pizza box.
Dessert! Nice and sweet. It had pear, shaved chocolate, fancy cheese (I can't remember which) and some sort of creamy sweet glaze in place of the marinara sauce. It was pretty amazing.
I guess that's one of the few things you pick up working at a fancy spot like Ruth Chris.
Butterface's pie was done.
Slice it up!
It was great, we were eating different types of pie in 20 minute intervals.
I got started on my pie. Bacon, spinach, jalapenos and marinara sauce. Pepperoni on deck.
I just stuffed the shit outta' it with all the leftover toppings.
More marinara sauce!
Snack break. Clearly everyone loved Butteface's.
Salami and mac n' cheese as extra toppings? Oh indeed!
More jalapenos on top, and it's ready for the oven.
It pretty much fell apart while getting transferred to the baking stone.
Womp womp.
And my pie came out to a burnt lump of cheesy stuffed meat crap. I just threw it in a bowl, 'cuz at the end of the day, who gives a shit.



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