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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Tuesday: Chicken Crazy

Hello and welcome back everyone to the latest edition on How Tuesday...
Come to think of it this is maybe the 2nd or 3rd "How Tuesday" I've done on the blog.
I'm no teacher, I'm no chef, but I am a damn good cook! And you too can have a wholesome meal if you wanna follow these direction. Or you can just crack open a beer and freestyle it. That's what I did.
 Bought a whole chicken on sale at 68 cents a pound. This bird was just under $5.
Make sure you pull the heart, gizzard and all the other crap outta' bird. Throw it all in a pan with some water and boil that shit for a few hours. Then add a gravy packet. Damn good gravy right there.
A bowwwwwwwwwwwwwl of gravaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
I'll be honest, this is how I generally act when it comes to gravy...
 Chop up them potato's, carrots, onion and squash.
 Who did it better?
Ave did for sure....
Now I'm willing to pik up any dirty 'ol bird just to get a more accurate photo.
 Get that shit ready. Drinking beer and prepping the nights dinner is half the fun!
 Put the bird in yer cooking pan and pour in a half inch of chicken broth or salted water.
 That's the little guys heart.
 So I baked the chicken for about ten minutes at 325 degrees then I added the potato's and carrots.
I did it this way because if you throw it all in at once, the chicken will take longer to cook thru all the veggies.
 Wait about 20 minutes and add more broth and the onion.
 Get that salad ready. It's always important to keep yer plumbing clean.
 Squash appetizer. Just add salt, pepper and a bit of olive oil.
 The chicken came out damn good! Can't remember how long it was in the oven for (probably 45 minutes). Just keep an eye on it and wait til the skin gets all golden and crunchy.
Look at the kitty cat!
I forgot to mention that befor I threw the bird in the oven, I stuffed its butt with a chopped up apple. 
This is so it doesn't dry from the inside out.
I skipped a few pics, but after de-boning the bird I threw all my meat, veggies and gravy ontop of a slice of bread. Dats a damn good home cooked meal right there, bub!

Now the moment you've been waiting for...



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