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Friday, April 25, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Egg, Cat & BornRetard

Welcome back everyone to another edition of 
Capt.Larue showed me a hilarious video called "Cake Farts".
I love cake and I love farts!
So click here to view it since I couldn't figure out how to share this tasteful video.  
Alrighty, now that the sicko in me got that outta my system, let's move on.
 Bastard in a basket for breakfast!
 And delicious, mouth watering bacon! MMMMMMMMMMMMM! Mmmm!
 New doo.
 Checked in with GeneralPercy. He's looking magnificent.
 He really knows how to pick a good spot in the sun.
 Sick ride, holmes!
 I don't know who wants to step to this... A LaRue pipe jam to the street would be amazing...
 So poker night happened, and guess who showed up just in time to ruin it?
 It was a good 'ol fashioned shit show, after all, it is poker.
 He showed up with scratches on his face and.....
 SURPRISE! Look away! It's hideous!
 VanVugt wasn't phased. He and Piech were the last two standing. ( I got 3rd, but who cares.)
 Sweet moola! It was a 12 man match up. 2 tables, 6 people each.
 Piech and his mame of a beard.
 BornRetard. All smiles. Even though he apparently fell on his face on his skateboard in the way over here. Somewhat proud of it. I don't even know if he remembers any of this.
 "Bite it you scum!"
   B-deep, b-deep, b-deep That's all folks!



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