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Friday, April 4, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Bowling and Rolling

Welcome back fellow Fiends...
Lets get started.
Mandatory Biscuit photo. More to follow.
Home avenue ditch session with BornRetard. Hot as balls this day.
So hot this possum had to take a dip.
BornRetard sure did lay down a hammer at this beauty of a spot. I mean what could go wrong? 
Perfect smooth roll up, buttery ass perfect ledge. Can't wait to drop the footy.
I blew this photo the first time. The pic I put up on Instagram is way better.
You only have to hate one to hate all.
Fuck, Shit
New favourite hang out.
With my favourite billiards bub.
Bowling night.
Mandatory beverage.
DonaldGately killed it every game.
So much fun.
Bowl or die!
Night moves.
El Cajon off 2nd street ramp from the 8 east. Gotta get this one.
Lil' cross eyed bugger.
Morning hype.
Biscuit model.

I was hyped on this photo.
One of the many times I've hyper extended my knee. Click here to view.
Gay ass slappy.
Dude at the skatepark had a wallet made by UnionLeatherWorks.
Little Lurkers.
Eating while watching the wifes television programs. This shit sucks.
Morning hype.
Sick ass grasshopper that scale my sliding glass window. It was driving Biscuit insane that he couldn't get it.
This shit had me rolling. Community rules.



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