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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Arts N Crafts and Singin' in the Rain

 Haven't had Wendys for a minute. So good, I didn't even take a picture of the food.
 This pup was adorable.
 Art by BraindoneP. Click here to check out his YouTube channel. He rips on a skateboard.
 Home cooked and healthy. The wife knows how to do it right.
 This lil' bugger.
 He pushed a hole in the screen. What a little shit.
 Rainy days at the skatepark.
 Looks awesome if you ask me.
 The name of my new band "GasBoy666".
 This dude had a ripping part.
 Arts and crafts.
 Getting drunk and creating logos.
 He mentioned old NastyNeil.
 Getting nerdy on YouTube.
 The Roadie...
 Leaving messages for the roomate.

 Getting ready to go bar hopping in the rain.
Perfect excuse to wear the duster!
 For Tenn.
 This thing was sick.
 Like a semi erect nature cock.

 A gift for Capt.Sahi.
 What could it be?
Singin' in the rain!



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