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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How Tuesday- Breakfast Bowl

How hard could it possibly be to make a breakfast bowl? 
I don't know, I found these pics on my phone and today is Tuesday, so fuck it.
 Step one- cook as much bacon as yer heart desires.
Random bacon related WWII Disney propaganda.
'Merica! Fuck yea.
 Step two- soft boil some eggs.  Throw them into boiling water and wait 6 minutes. You'll have some perfectly soft boiled eggs.
 Biscuit helped out.
 Step 3-Burnt toast with lots of butter.
 Step 4- chop that shit up!
 Chop that bacon up too!
 Step 5- Mix that shit up!
 Step 6- Crack them eggs open. Nice and runny.
I'm gonna make one right now.
EatFiends Breakfast Bowl Assault



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