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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How Tuesday- Ramen Noodle Burgers

EatFiend is coming at you with another "How Tuesday".... Ramen style!
WormTits came up with the idea to make Ramen burgers from some website. Can't remember which one, so fuck it.
Alrighty, so first thing you need is a packet of Ramen noodles. I chose beef, 'cuz I'm the kind of freak that's into beef-on-beef action.
Cook that shit! Looking back on it, I should if added Sriracha or some sort of hot sauce.
Next time.
Strain that shit, yo!
I guess the only real "how to" portion is how to make the Ramen noodle bun. So, split yer ramen noodles into seperate bowls.
Cover one of the bowls with something that won't stick to the other bowl.
Then put the other bowl of noodles on top. This will mold the bun patties.
I added an extra bowl and a can of Chunky soup for added weight. Then throw it in the 'fridge for maybe ten minutes or so.
Of course bacon is being cooked!
On to the burger portion...
As you can see, tonights toppings will be grilled onions, sliced avocado and bacon!
See how the buns come out all bowl-like? Perfect!
Since the buns were a bit cold, we flash fried them in a bit of butter to warm them up. 
Warning: Don't do this, the butter will seperate the noodles and it will fall apart like mine did.
Next time, I'll just bake it in the oven for a quick 30 seconds. Then it will give it that crunchiness one desires.
This thing was delicious.
Added some curly fries too!
A meal fit for a King!



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