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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Cats, Meat and The Bomb

We here at EatFiend would like to welcome you back to another edition of M.B.
Soak it in, fuckers.
 Tri-tip cooked to perfection. I really enjoy bbqing these bad boys.
 Morning hype. Ben Gilley is a beast!
 Board for Capt.Sahi. Not finished.
 Potential job opportunities, maybe?
 Cody came by the park the other day. He fucking rips. Love this bub.
 Meow-Lynn. My crappy camera doesn't show how beautiful this pussy cat really is.

 That's one good lookin' fuckin' kitty right there!
 Weirdos everywhere.
 Awesome skater.
 Beautiful bike.
 She's a real looker. Saddle bags and all.
 Reading rabbit.
 Downtown SD. 'Merica, fuck yea!
 This reminded me of CommNBeef. Don't know where the fuck he is...
 The Bomb.
 Miss this website. Looks like Shockus moved on to bigger things, i.e. Circa team manager.
 Fuck that skating shit. There is foosball to be jammed!
 That's one muscular dick right there.

 So cute.
 Gotta slappy this bitch.
 Best juke box in San Diego
 Spring Break dawg!
 Hangover cure.
 More morning hype.
Did I mention I gotta get a grind on this thing?



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