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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Drive Like Jahu & Bar Hopping

Post draft day fun, free show at the Organ Pavillion...
Drive Like Jahu!
 Needless to say, there were a shit load of people.
 Balboa Park has many beautiful scenaries to offer.
 Psyched on this photo.
 Tried getting closer, but it was thick with mouth breathers.
 This dude had a proper get-up, an even more amazing moustache.
 Slowly descending into the night.
 I wish Dethklok would play a show here. That would be amazing.
Dethclok, live on the USS Midway, Comic Con 2013. So jealous I missed this.
 After show drinks at NuNu's. This place rules 'cuz it's niiiiiiiiiice and dark!
 The grill kills it too.
 Afterwards, we tried to go to Lancers, but we couldn't get in because a lady friend of ours thought it would be a swell idea to go bar hopping without an I.D.
So we ended up in the gay bar "Cheers" next door.
They don't give a fuck about i.d.'s.
 Wednesday nights, after trivia, $1 wells!
 Full bar, nice and dark for all of yer gay needs.
Can't fucking wait for Queens Of The Stone Age!



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