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Friday, September 12, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- 2014 Larb League Draft Party

Larb League draft party is typically one of the best days of the year for EatFiend.....
So naturally I was excited to cook up a pot of chilli before draft time! 
 Brutally expensive, but CommNBeef told me they weigh almost nothing.
 Heavy load of chilli, tomatoes I plucked from my back yard.
 That's a big pepper! Bush's black beans were on sale at 87 cents a can. Ground beef was on sale as well.
Get that ground beef cooking. I cheated and used chilli packets for seasoning. Didn't have enough cabbage to restock the spice cabinet.
 Liquified the tomatoes, now it's time for them chilli peppers!
 Seeds and everything! I like it hot!
 Dump into the beans and let it simmer for a few hours.
 Ground beef was looking fantastic.
 Filled to the brim!
 Chilli station was all setup on the NoHansRamp.
 And the draft party was kicked off! As you can see, the 4h round was the round that Stinky blacked out. You can tell 'cuz that's when he started drafting Charger players the next three rounds wayyyyyyyyy too early.
 "Fuck it, I'll draft in my sleep."
 Then he passed out and spilled his full cup of whiskey and soda on the floor.
"Drinkin' an Stinkin'!
 Then BornRetard shows up wasted and unannounced and decides it's the appropriate to start laying on a guilt trip to me (the host) for talking shit to his girl friend at the Travesura show a few days prior. It's not my fault for caring that he threatens to kill himself because of her. Fuck it, I'm not caring anymore. Once I told him "If your here for an apology, your not getting one from me", he immediately asked for a beer. 
 Here is Pats angle of Stinkys "explosive diahhrea".
 Fuck it.
 Draft was going swell, I even scored Tom Brady in the 5th round! Yea!
 Drafting genius.
 Fuck it, I wanna smoke. Note the space bag...
 "Garbage life!"
 Then for some reason, Stinky threw an empty bottle of Fireball. It's not like my wife doesn't walk in here every morning barefoot. Donkey show was commencing.
 Not really sure what made BornRetard want to hang out, although I have a pretty good idea...
 Old school Emerica banner. I was using this as my draft board. Sticky notes are way easier.
 After 4 or 5 beers, a few mooched smokes and a couple of chilli dogs BornRetard was gone. No "goodbye", "thank you" "kiss my ass", nothing. Haven't heard from him since. Thanks for coming over! NOT!
 Stinky was dreaming of his Jewish ways. I think he had a hot dog down his butt crack too. Good times!
 The draft was over and it went pretty well. Can't wait to do it again next year.
 Backside of the draft board.
Hissing match.



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