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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- 2016 Rumble In Ramona Madness

Holy smokes it took me a while to get to this blog and to go through all of the photos.
Some serious shredding went down on this day.
I remember in the mid-2000's in The Skateboard Mag, they covered the first Rumble in Ramona and it looked so rad. I was really hyped to get invited to the 6th annual rumble! 
I had work in the morning and picked up the bub Piech and we hit interstate 8 east for our adventure.
Lots of people.
Mini ramp for the not-so-gnar.
Ed Dominick's band. Can't recall their name.
Lineup for the day.
Skeleton Key headquarters.
The bub Lefty was there to kick ass, chug beers and shred the ramp!
This guy is one hundred percent stoke!
Cab, legend.

Ban This, 1989
The days challenges.

Germ and Jason Carney.
Old dudes were getting in on the action too!
Chris Russell about to get hesh.
Jimmy Wilkins eyeing the prize.
Found some shade. It was hot and dry out in Ramona.
Grindline skateparks crew. These guys know how to get it done when it comes to masonry.

I seriously can't get enough of their sound. I fucking love it.
Skate Rock to the core.
This thing is a camping war wagon!

Thanks Jason for the invite. It was a blast.
Cheers bub!

Seven Steps To Heaven, Maple Skateboards
Beautiful cars everywhere.
I had to fan out on Steve Caballero. Straight up legend.
Never left the board. Stuck with his sponsors through thick and thin.
And he was nice enough to take a picture with me! Respect.
Skateboarding Floridian legend, Lance Conklin!
SOTY and the cool kids.
Competition stance. No denying this mans skills/talent. Straight up annihilator.

Back in '97/'98 Andy MacDonald taught me how to lipslide down the square pyramid rail at the old Mission Valley skatepark. Dan Byars was there (he drove), it was sick.
See the grom floating? So sick.
Lefty, waiting for his turn to drop in.

Fuck yea, Lefty.
Post slam. He got worked.
Lord Salba!
Beer run.
Piech representing.
Insert caption here.
Piech was feeling sexy.
Andy MacDonald
Doing what he does best.
High flying rippers everywhere.
The sun setting was an awesome sight. The silhouette of the skater is a added bonus!
Low lighting equals blurry photo.
High stamina these vert skaters. A different breed.
Skateboarding brought us all together.
Lefty was dusted. MVP of the day I say.
Piech was getting weird. You know he's hammered when the shirt comes off.
The dude with the make-up was a singer in one of the bands. He was stoked on Piech.
Then some dude took a heavy slam. It bummed me out so I decided to go enjoy the music.
Pretty psyched I got to see Grindline the Band. Skate rock legends.
Turn out the lights, the part is over.
'Til next year...
The next morning, egg in a basket. Love this when its cooked in butter.
Video recap coming soon!


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