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Monday, December 12, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Another Quicky of Random Pics

Another day, another blog...
More blogs in the works. Rumble in Ramona 2016 blog is coming!.....
Thanks Google for randomly bringing up this photo of my mom!
Love you mom! Super Bowl party 2011. Giants vs. Patriots
Bath time.
Island resident Ryan Boney always shows up to the park the moment we open and gets his solo shred on. Early grab backside air.
Eggs in a basket with hash browns. The ketchup looks like a garden snake!
Love this little man.
Flash back to this sweet gem. Took two days to drain it, couple of hours to shovel up the mud and another hour to let it dry. It was a very rewarding experience.
Oh yea, the majority of the coping is stacked up in my back yard.
Poods park. No filter on this photo, but I did increase the saturation level to 100 percent. I love the clouds and shadows.
Not all graffiti is bad. If any place should be a legal graffiti zone, it should be skateparks.
I'd rather see it there than on my property or my neighbors fence.
The kids are alright.
Experiencing night shots. I really like my roommates car.
Halloween was upon us!
Yea, I'm that far behind on stuff. Don't judge me, I was born this way.
I'll get there when I get there.


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