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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Quick Random Pics

Transitioning between blogs while working on the new Shit Show.
Here's some filler.
Haven Pizzeria is unbelievably delicious!
They make a mean meat ball too.
Located at 4051 Adams Avenue, San Diego CA 92116.
Get some!
Remember that dead lizard from a few posts ago? Yep, the ants were making a nice meal outta it.
Igby and his thousand yard stare.
The Island with a view.
Orb weaer. Loving my camera. I'm sure your sick of me mentioning it.
Enjoying the football season. Patriots have been doing good!
This furry little bugger.
Speaking of furry, yet not so little. Piech relieving himself.
Split personalities.
Spirit animal.
Fuel for the chaos.

For your listening pleasure. I love this album.
Cat whispering in the night.


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