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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- FAE Premiere Photo's, Shredding and BornRetard Madness

Throw the meat on the grill and get yer shred on for a few hours.
My momma always says "A watched pot never boils."
Started the day off proper by meeting up with LP and the Filipino King.
These two are always on them street vibes.
Little man, big bar.
Met up with the bub Jimmy Carlin for some shredding in the Mission Valley area.
DJ Dunce Cap
Rare photo of myself in action. Like a sasquatch sighting.
Costco pizza is the best bang for your buck.
Skated this beauty for about two minutes before getting the boot from security.
Later on at the house we had a FAE premiere. 
Everyone was having a good time reminiscing on the good times we had in a parking lot pushing wood.
Tim was putting his culinary skills to good use so we could doctor up some hot dogs.
Deep conversation with the mentally challenged.
Cock-shot. Just the tip.
One hell of a hot dog party.
The Filipino King had the best part. Skated to David Bowie with an ode to the legendary Steve Olson.
"We're lawyers!"
It was a fun night.
The next morning I awoke to realize BornRetard was deep in slumber on my couch.
So I went to Smart N Final for some bbq supplies.
Beef Brisket! Time to stick this sucker in the grill and smoke it for 9 hours!
While the meat was cooking, BornRetard enjoyed himself some Biscuit time.
He loves his dirt naps, just like his daddy.
Then I locked BornRetard out of the house for old times sake.
Through the looking glass.
Spider in the sunlight. Loving my new camera. My previous IPhone 4S was not this clear.
BornRetard lost his fake teeth. It was gross.
Only a face a mother could love.
H decided to Hans-filter himself.
Like an old walrus that had his tusks removed.
Floor time.
'Voices in my head time.'
9 hours later the brisket came out of the grill nice and tender.
Look at that bark!
Photo opportunities ensue.
Meat! Glorious meat!
The brisket came out nice and juicy with a decent smoke ring. Not bad for my first time!
Everybody enjoyed the food, the laughs and the company. Great times.
Biscuit got to roam in the garden pretty late this day.
Brisket sandwiches on budget hamburger buns. If the meat is good, the bread matters not.
Look at that face!
Remember that flyer I was working on? Here is the finished product.
Life is pretty good! Shred hard and get your fill!


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