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Monday, December 19, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- "...In Which Case Me Will Eat A Cookie."

Shaking the cob-webs off my brain from the Rumble in Ramona madness.....
You may as well live life to the fullest.
Hung out at Pacific Drive with the bub Larue. Nicest bub ever, funnest skate shop to lurk at.
Lots of entertainment.
Found the bub's sponsor tape. Some heavy bangers went down on this thing.
Love me some Matt Hensley.
PD, since 1989. I was friggin' 6 years old when this shop started.
Killer kicks.
Working mans coozie.
New hat! I deserved a new lid.
Later on, I went to see what NastyNeil was up to.
Beer can chicken, awwwwwww yea!
Pretty psyched on these videos. Thanks Larue!
If he fits, he sits.
Everybody is trying to make a buck.
Words from a childhood mentor.
Orange man!
Warning, too much SPAM will make yer guts wrench.
Or maybe its the 39 cent Ramen noodles.
Matbe both, but it fed me while I was at work and I can't complain.
Paul Schmitt of legendary board brand Schmitt Stix!
This guy rules. I follow him on Instagram and love to see what he is making in his work shop.
Found this edit on YouTube! So awesome! Monty Nolder and and team Scmitt Stix shredding a backyard ramp to DEVO! Yes please! 
Daniel Harold Sturt is one of my favorite photographers of all time. Love this photo. Love the skater too!
That's myself and Piech up there on the deck during Rumble in Ramona.
Such a fun event. I'll be back next year for sure!
Breakfast sandwich time!
Memo sesh.
One dollar mini street tacos. Gotta love the Barrio.
Triple the pleasure!
I was a happy man.
Night shot.
Me in my happy place during the Rumble in Ramona rocking the fuck out with the bub Tosh.
Grindline The Band!

Work hard, play hard.


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