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Friday, December 9, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Sorrento Valley Shredding w/ the Bubs

Banger of a day when it's this action packed.
Covered all the bases on this one.
Decided to make some smoothies out of some ripe produce from the 'fridge. Didn't want the food to go to waste.
My glass of choice. I was feeling energetic.
Then The King arrived and we enduldged in some skate vids while we thought of a spot to shred.
If he fits, he sits.
Spot check with Tim. Reminiscing  on days with more resilient legs.
Perfect metal ledge in Sorrento Valley. This thing is a perfect street spot!
Matthew wasted no time shredding it. Took me a few slams to get my legs warmed up.
The bub Cody was there and he shredded harder than everyone there.
TheKing is always on that filming kick. I'm excited for 'Go-Gag'
Did I mention Jimmy was there? It was good to lurk and bullshit with him and his clown pants.
Paul Sewell, technician on the stick and nicest man ever. 
Nothing but love for this guy.
The bub Andy Mack front board to fakie this bad boy. Sick!
Nerding out on the famous Sorrento Valley ditch. So many pros have annihilated this thing.
Muy grande hand rail. Only 3 or 4 people have skated this behemoth.
Corey Duffel owns it though with a boardslide, backside grind and a heavy crooks.
I was trying to convince Tim that he could 50-50 it but his legs were dusted.
We hit up New York Wings and Ribs for dinner. I love this place.
They went with the chiptole fries and I had the 5 piece hot tender meal with an ice cold Bud and extra side of ranch.
Then I went home and was relieved to see that the bottle of beer I put in the freezer the night before hadn't exploded.
I'd feel like a jerk if I didn't mention PSA flight 182....
 On September 25th, 1978 a private Cessna had a mid-air collision with flight 182 and my neighborhood (my corner in particular) was the crash site. 135 passenger and 7 people on ground including two children were among the fatalities.
Every year there is a memorial service. It's aired on television and all of the victims names are written on the sidewalk with chalk, so that they are not forgotten. So sad.
Enough of that...
It's good to be alive!
Back to work!


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