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Monday, December 26, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Randumbness

Much like this whole blog, today's post if full of randumbness.
No real story here, just the ramblings of my dumb ass.
Can you dig it?
24 hour drive thru. Been coming to this spot for about 15 years now.
That's a lot of burritos.
It never disappoints.
Finding remnants of me in my happy place at the Rumble in Ramona.
I will definitely be going back next year.
Stressful Sunday. Octo-box rules.
From this...
To this!
Awesome name for a street.
Hot dog party with Arnold.
Bubbles is a man that knows his kitty's!
Biscuit loves hiding under jackets. I think he loves my scent.
He also loves back-paks.
Steak quesadilla from Del Sur, a Mexican restaurant in South Park.
They have Alpine brewery beer and I love it!
There it is, the first photo I ever posted on Instagram and the oldest photo I have of Biscuit.
I love this furry little monster.


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