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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- All The Goods That Life Has To Offer

Trying to play catch up with all the rad content I have.
More blogs coming! So is the new year!

Public service announcement. WhiskeySlimeMike has officially joined Instagram.
Passing out in style.
More Rumble in Ramona background props!
He loves me.
He also loves his garden time.
This one unfortunately has to be treated like a prisoner.
New skatepark in National City, Kimball Skatepark.
It's free and has light on until 9p.m.!
Local, with a boardslide.
Chicano park. Right underneath the belly of the San Diego/Coronado bay bridge. 
They built a rad little skatepark here! Better to let the community have it then be a hangout for vagrants, crackheads and junkies.
There I am again, Rumble in Ramona.
Thrasher website!
Crazee Burger is crazy good.
North Park.
Not a bad price for a case of Pabst!
Snack time.
We're good friends.
A most excellent selection of entertainment.
Shred For Shockus blog coming soon.
Sorry I lag.


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